Newark, Delaware History And Points Of Interest

Situated in New Castle County in the northern portion of Delaware, Newark has a long history and numerous aspects that make it a surprisingly interesting destination. Founded by Welsh and Scots-Irish in the late 1600s, King George II granted the town a charter in 1758.

Of historical note is the fact that the American Revolutionary War witnessed a clash between the British and American troops just outside the town. This was the so-called Battle of Cooch’s Bridge, and the event is thought to be among the first times the precursor to the modern American flag was seen raised in battle.

Newark is also home to the University of Delaware, which was originally a blending of Newark College and Newark Academy. The modern name of the school was declared in 1913 when the state took control of the institution.

The 1800s represented a time of great change and development in the Newark area. The first church in Newark was built by Methodists in the very early part of the century. Railroad operations began toward the end of the 1830s, greatly enhancing quality of life for residents and merchants alike.

Today, Newark is a well-known hub for international figure skaters. A significant number of champions have undergone extensive training at a figure skating club that operates on site at the University.

The geography of the Newark area is characterized by an impressive amount of green space, despite its proximity to highly populated areas such as Baltimore and Philadelphia. It must be noted that outdoor enthusiasts will not be disappointed by the wealth of natural parks and other areas from which locals can choose for their recreational activities, sports and weekend leisure experiences.

The small size of Delaware itself makes the number of well-known past and present Newark residents a bit of a surprise. Perhaps the most notable individuals hailing from the area is former Vice President and Senator Joe Biden. Also calling Newark their home at one time or another are football standout Joe Flacco, rocker George Thorogood and figure skating personality and television commentator Johnny Weir.

In terms of historical interest, proximity to urban centers and access to stunning natural beauty, Newark, Delaware really does have it all. As such, visitors and residents alike find this location to have serious appeal. No visit to the mid-Atlantic region can be considered complete without some time spent meandering up the coast towards Newark.