Rainy Day Wedding

This grey and rainy day has us reflecting on how very lucky we were with our wedding weather this season... only a couple of drops darkened our brides' special days, but one in particular sticks in our mind.

Katherine and Johnny were married at Great Harbor Yacht Club in June of this summer, and while the weather was less than ideal, Katherine and Johnny were blissfully happy!

All along our couple had planned to arrive at their cocktail hour via Great Harbor's launch...

so when the sky cleared for a bit they decided to take a chance...

Unfortuntately, just seconds into their five minute boat ride, the skies opened up and poured on our newlyweds!

Katherine and Johnny, handled their weather mishap with grace and humor, and after drying off quickly they joined their reception and danced the night away... safe and dry indoors!

After watching the weather all night, we decided to risk it one more time... thankfully the weather cooperated and we had a 15 minute window of clear skies which allowed Johnny and Katherine to have their sparkler sendoff!

While we always prey for sunshine and we generally get lucky, every once in a while this New England island of ours doesn't cooperate... Johnny & Katherine appreciated that rain or shine the true blessing of their day was that they got to say "I do" to each other surronded by friends and family.  May the sun forever shine on you both... congratulations Johnny and Katherine, thank you for allowing us to share in your wedding day!

 Soiree Floral created a beautiful setting and Ron Lynch captured these stunning shots.

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